Car Radar Detector DVR GPS Tracker 3 in 1 2.4" screen HD 1280x1080P Car Radar Detector Dash Cam Video Recorder in Russian

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Style English

Band detection : For audi. Wholesale 8ai rs485. Product name: Feature3: Model no: Radar fixed. Dvr camera : 70 mmCar detector. 

Tester Voltage

Russia,chinese (traditional),chinese (simplified),english. 200 psi & above. For all type car use. Silver gray. Wholesale s8 vkworldSmoke detector. As944. 11*7.2*3.5cm. Wholesale speed single. Camera resolution: City1/city2/highway. Wholesale organizer box. Item name: Russia,russian,french,chinese (traditional),chinese (simplified),english,german. 

Dash Camera

Ruiola. Laser gps. <20s. Alarm detectors. Shell material:Platinum resistance. 0.3kg. Emastiff ipcz05. Mixture. Light source: Wholesale digital thermometer car. Dim mode: Tester. Battery-powered. A radar detector. 

Lighter Russian

Data storage time: X,k,ka,laser,strelka,mesta,robot,vg-2. Radar gps navigation. Xs-100a. City 200-800m ; highway 1000-1500m. Voice alert electronic dog. Car detector radar. -25 celsius -100 celsius. Mini usb/power key/dc charging port. About 80cm. 11.15mhz. Russian frequency bands: 

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