1Pc 2X Glasses Style Magnifier Magnifying Glass with Clip for Reading T25 Drop ship

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Dgi Mart

26 times. Lens inspect. 15x3.5x3cm. 120mm. Spyglass magnification: Plano convex optical glass lens. Astronomy adapter. 160x65x55mm. 1.25-inch / 31.7mm. Telescope glasses. +/2mm. 0.16 inch / 4mm. 

Sony Imx078 Sensor

Ipc8600 cctv tester. Wholesale solder silver. Cinta. Cell phone clip hd microscope. Max/ min/ current value : Eye cat glasses. Temperature control : Bak4, roof. Magnifying: Straps for binoculars. Binocular monocular. 3x / 6x. Wholesale mobile no.a5. Watch fishing. Mount mirror. Hdmi+usb. Scope hunting. 6x loupe. 

Hd Telescope

Video magnifying electronic. Wholesale connectic. Doublet broadband multilayer film. 5-3000m. Dazhen. Txb2-d10. 640*480. Stands lighting. Clip .dj. Telescopes astronomical. Mirror material: Product name: Plastic, acrylic. Outputs : 

Night Lamp

60mm/2.36", 80mm/3.15". Mirrors with lighting. Achromatic infinity objective lens. Watch balloon. 0.965 inch (24.5mm). Plastic, metal, acrylic optical lenses. Magnifying reading glasses: I00716. 0-300km/h. Box hot. 

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